Eleven-year-old Sam won the hearts of his foster family before moving on to his fabulous forever home. Sam’s foster dad shares his story:

If you are interested in experiencing continuous joy in your life, then adopt a “Safe Harbor Lab” that needs a forever home. There is simply no other way to describe the experience of being part of the process to rescue a dog that has been surrendered.

Sam, who came to me as dog in need of a foster parent, was truly one to provide continuous smiles on my face and a level of that joy. When I introduced Sam to my Lab, Bear, they connected immediately and became buddies. Sam assured Bear, that he wanted to hang out with him and would not eat his food or steal his toys. It was hard to send Sam on the path to his Forever Home, but Sam really lucked out when Crystal and Doug stepped up to the role.

Now a little about Sam. Sam is a mature senior who enters any room with a smile on his face and with some serious tail wagging, which includes his entire rear end as his greeting. Sam is large and has had too much food in his past home, but is now located in a family of other senior dogs who are well cared for and who are the center of his parents life. Sam came with no bad habits and simply does everything to fit in and bring smiles and laughs to those who get to know him. Now Sam lives in a special home with two other seniors who have become his brothers and enjoys all the comforts that can be given to dogs. The pictures will confirm the quality of his new digs and his family.

Safe Harbor Lab Rescue was very fortunate to have Doug and Crystal step up again to adopt, and with no reservation, and accept that Sam was overweight, needing teeth cleaning and was not a young man anymore. They said that they did not care and had a special place in their hearts for Labs that may not get adopted because of their age and possible health care needs. That is so special.

Sam says, “My new home is great, I get to watch our meals prepared, snooze on very comfortable beds that are through out the home. And I have my own toys. But best of all, I am now in a home that truly cares for all of the Labs here and we all feel loved. I knew that I had won the Lottery. Thank you, Safe Harbor”.

Crystal and Doug added:

Sam is awesome!! He is the jolliest most loveable boy we’ve ever adopted. It took him about 2 minutes to decide he was home. For a senior, he’s quite active so he relishes having some acreage to explore. He’s so good at doggy communication that even his grumpy old sister likes him, but I swear they tease each other by snagging each other’s Nylabones. I think he wishes our old girls would “play” with him more, but he’s realizing snuggles on the couch are better (and he hugs back!!)

Many thanks to Cress and Susannah for fostering and loving Sam on the way to his forever home and telling his story!