Say hello to four-year-old Sammie!  Sammie is a social butterfly and curious about everything around her.  As you can imagine, that delightful sense of curiosity got her into trouble on more than one occasion.  She needed the love of a family to help her see that home can be a place that you never want to leave.  When Mark and Leslie introduced Sammie to Roscoe, Sammie’s curiosities quickly became focused on her new furry companion.  Before she knew what was happening, Sammie became part of the family, and that was a very good thing indeed!Sammie 1

Sammie is feeling right at home in Arvada.  It took Roscoe a little time to get used to having another dog around but they get along better each day.  Sammie is happy and full of life.  We take both of the dogs to Stanley Lake every weekend and let them run and swim.  Sammie loves the water and the exercise.  Thanks to SHLR for introducing this sweet dog to us and a big thank you for Roscoe as well.Sammie 2