Hi! My name is Sammy and I found my furever home just a year ago. I was rescued from a place called Utah and brought to Colorado by my friends at Safe Harbor Lab Rescue. After a few days with my foster dad and a clean bill of health, I was adopted by some great humans named Mike, Caren, Nick, Jessica, and Kimberly. They take really great care of me and say things like “good boy” and “you’re so smart, Sammy”! At my new home, I have two furry friends named Spooky and Wilbur. I had to learn not to chase them, which was hard to do because Wilbur looks a lot like the rabbits I chase out in the yard (even though they call him a Guinea pig), and Spooky, well, she’s just a grumpy cat! I figured it out though and now we are pretty good friends!

My family talked a lot about “camping” and “mountains” but I didn’t know what those things were until this summer. Boy is camping fun! It’s my favorite thing to do because we get to hike and spend time playing ball or Frisbee outside. I even tried swimming in a lake! I love my back yard and the open space where we walk. I’m very smart, according to my family, and know where every rabbit lives along the way. I also know how to get to the dog park and I make sure to lead my family there as often as possible. I think the thing that makes me the most happy is the people I live with. I LOVE being with my people and spend all of my time right by their sides! I’m super happy that SHLR came to get me and that I ended up in Colorado – the BEST place a dog can live!! Thank you SHLR for everything you do!! Love, Sammy.