It’s a puppy party at Neil and Abigail’s house now that ten-month-old Sammy has joined the family. Sammy is one happy party animal who believes that every new day is a cause for celebration, and right now is always a good time for making new friends. Even with her busy schedule filled with playdates, training sessions, neighborhood walks and critter patrols, this sweet girl always makes sure to pencil in plenty of time for family bonding and snuggles throughout the day.

Sammy’s new mom writes:

We found Safe Harbor on a recommendation of a friend who knew we were looking to rescue a lab, following the loss of our beloved 13-year-old chocolate lab, Breck, who found his way to dog heaven earlier this year.  When the description for Sammy came up “calling all chocolate lovers” we knew she was the one!  Sammy has settled into our lives as if she has always been a part of the family.  We adore her ten-month-old puppy energy (non-stop fetch in the backyard and beyond excited to go for her walks in the morning).  Yet we appreciate her “old soul;” she was already house trained, dog-door trained and cuddles like her happiness depends on it (it’s actually our happiness that has grown dependent on her sweetness).   Sammy and our daughter are easy friends, and Sammy has already made pals with neighborhood dogs.  She is working on some classic Lab habits (countertop surfacing and jumping) but responding well to the training. Bonus: she keeps the squirrels out of our garden!  This briefly quiet house is once again joyfully filled with the sounds of a jingling collar, tappy toes, and ready-when-you-are hops to go outside! Thank you Safe Harbor and all your amazing volunteers!