Everything’s better with a good buddy by your side, and Samson is having the time of his life keeping up with his new dad, Jim. Whether a stroll around town or a mountain hike is on the agenda, 4.5-year-old, Samson is always packed and ready to go.

Jim sent us an update on his new boy:

Samson has been a great dog to have in my life. He has been enjoying his daily walks three times a day and has given friendly greetings to fellow dogs on their walks. He is always on the lookout for wascally wabbits and squirrels.

Since having Samson the first month, we’ve bonded through walks, playing fetch, tug of war, car rides, and going on a six mile hike. It was the first hike where I worked harder going downhill than up, because he had a constant speed he wanted to go at. He no longer takes anxiety medication and has become a very friendly, energetic Lab. He’s learned new tricks such as sit, shake, lie down, and waiting. I’ve been very happy with my new companion and look forward to exploring more of Colorado with him.