Miss Sandy has a new family, a new job, and a brand-new start in life. “Home is where the heart is,” Sandy woofs wisely; and her heart and home are now with her new mom, Linda, forever and ever. Whether at work or play, five-year-old Sandy is always a sweet ray of yellow sunshine, which she loves to spread wherever she goes.

Linda tells us, “Sandy is loving life with her new family. She is having fun meeting lots of new dogs in the neighborhood, swimming in Coot Lake, and as the newest team member of the non-profit organization Celebrate EDU. She enjoys going into the office every day and partied hard at our recent 5-year birthday celebration. You can follow Sandy’s work adventures on our social media pages. We are so grateful to SHLR for bringing Sandy into our lives.”

Pictured in the family photo with Sandy are Linda, her son, Brent, and daughter, Jenny.