After the loss of their beloved senior dog, it was much too quiet around Priscilla and Steve’s house until a little black pup with a bounce in his step and a twinkle in his eye trotted in to put the Lab back in their lives.  Ten-month-old Saxon immediately claimed his new family, found the most comfortable pillows, grabbed the remote, and settled in to sit and stay forever.Priscilla and Steve sent us an update on their sweet boy: Your heart is broken when you have to put down your dog (a 14 year old lab we got from Safe Harbor eight years ago) but then another amazing dog comes along and gets right in that broken spot in your heart and heals it.  Saxie has done just that!He is so friendly and so full of spunk and we’re just loving him.  His foster Mom, Rita, trained him well so he’s only had to learn a few things (like not chewing on the remote!).  He loves pillows and steals them off our bed — we don’t understand why but it seems like he wrestles with them.He’s loving chasing and being chased by other dogs in the dog park, blueberries, and back massages. Thank you Safe Harbor!Thank you to Rita and Scott for fostering Saxon/Yang!