Mary and Michael were looking for good-natured companion for themselves and their 12-year-old Lab girl, Maggie, and when they met an oh-so handsome boy named Scotch, he seemed to be made to order.  This Scotch is delightfully mellow and perfectly aged at eight-years-old.  Scotch is a real family man who never hesitates to help out in the kitchen, and a true gentleman who cheerfully allows his new Lab sister to take the lead.  With lots of walks, car rides, and trips to the nearby dog park on the agenda, as well as large yard for romping and a parent who works from home, Scotch wouldn’t mind if the dog days of summer never end.  Scotch’s mom sent us a rave review oScotch 2016-078

Scotch has been a wonderful addition to our family. He has adapted quickly and become my sous chef, dishwasher, and food critic.  He has even tolerated my husband’s love of Hawaiian music.  He puts up with his new sister’s diva antics and patiently allows her to be first in and out of the door for walks. He loves eating and does hip-hop dance moves whenever he sees his food bowl. He enjoys daily walks and has introduced himself to most of the neighbors. He is the official greeter for all who enter our home.  His only dislikes are carrots and thunderstorms. We are grateful to have found such a sweet, lovable dog to share our lives.