Lovely little Scout walked off the transport van and straight into the arms and heart of SHLR co-founder and longtime foster extraordinaire, Les.

Foster quickly turned into forever, and Scout was finally home to stay.

Les tells us: My most vivid memory of 9-year-old Scout is the first night she came home. She stationed herself beside my bed, sitting up. Every time I opened my eyes, there she was gazing at me. She had to have been exhausted after her long trip up from Texas, but I guess she couldn’t believe she was home.

As a little stray from Houston, pre-Harvey, her trip was nevertheless delayed because of the chaos. Jacky sent me Scout’s shelter photo and as bedraggled as she was, her little tail was a blur because she was wagging it so hard. I fell in love immediately and before she even stepped onto Colorado soil, she was destined to be a foster failure. She was heartworm positive, had a raging skin infection, and eyes that were so dry tears wouldn’t even register when our vet examined her.

She’s all better now, has her own Facebook Page, Scout and Friends, and her favorite part of the day is the ‘let’s do your eyes’ game ~ when she gets treats after sitting quietly for her eye medication. I’m so grateful that Safe Harbor rescued Scout and fate brought us together.