This girl Scout found her perfect forever with her new mom, Cathy, and she’s been busy earning merit badges in snuggling, leash walking, dog parking, outdoorsmanship, and family Labbing, ever since she arrived.  Two-year-old Scout is a happy, affectionate pup who is always ready to add to her friends list and never misses a chance to let her new family know how much she adores them and how very glad she is to be home.

Cathy sent us an update on her lovely new girl:  I had adopted my previous black Lab, Jetta, from SHLR many years ago. I lost Jetta to old age at Christmas a few years ago, and it took some time to get myself ready for another fur baby. Even though I had moved back to my hometown in Wyoming a few years ago, SHLR was willing to work with me to find my next four-legged family member. While I knew I wanted another Lab, I was pretty sure I didn’t want another black or another girl. I kept asking about boys, and about anyone that wasn’t a black, but I kept missing out or they just weren’t right. Finally I was asked if I was interested in this new girl that had just come to SHLR. Her eyes and long legs caught my attention, so I said sure! One long drive down during Rockies opening day traffic, and there was Scout — a shiny, happy Labby, ready to ride!

Right away she turned out to be mostly trained, quick to do anything for treats, and so good on a leash my 7-year-old niece can walk her! Scout would love to be besties with the cat, the squirrels, and every single person she meets. She is easy to travel with and has already visited my work, my niece’s school, my father’s company, and of course, Petco! Scout loves the dog park, hiking with my hiking group, splashing in any and every body of water she sees, and “scouting” every squirrel in Wyoming. She has learned to get into the tub and stay for baths, stay in the back seat for car rides, and not eat my niece’s fries out of her hands.

It has been a joy to have the puppy snuggles in the morning, the puppy kisses when I come home, and the constant companion/shadow in every room of the house. We are getting used to having an 80 lb lap dog again, though she is very good about staying off the couch or bed unless invited. She has fallen in love with every member of the family, especially the 7 year old. Scout is exactly who I needed, and I am so thankful to SHLR for helping her find her way home to us!