Scott, Mariah and their daughter, Skyler, adopted a gorgeous bundle of four-month-old puppyness named Logan, and it’s been nonstop fun, games and cuddles ever since. Logan is now Shadow, and this beautiful shiny black Lab pup is loving every minute of his very first summer as he explores the great outdoors with his new family.

Mariah and Scott sent us an update on their new boy:

When we saw Logan, it was love at first sight! His foster family was so great! Kathy (his foster mom) sent me pictures of him every day until the day we went to pick him up. Once we got him home, it didn’t take long for us to decide to change his name to Shadow because wherever we go, he’s right there, just like a shadow. We have had him now for one month today and couldn’t be happier with this little man. He has had so many adventures already! His first big adventure was going to Rampart Reservoir and learning that he could swim. We hiked all around the lake, and he found a dog friend who taught him about fetching sticks and swimming. He loves going to the park by our house and running through the field. He really loves Bear Creek dog park and is really good about listening and paying attention to where his people are. His latest adventure was a road trip to Fruita, CO. He does fabulous in the car and loved running around the backyard. He also watched the fireworks with us and was fearless. He starts formal training this Monday, July 15th, and we are so excited to see how he does. He’s a smart little guy. Thank you so much for finding him for us. We are so grateful!