It’s double the fun for Chris and Diane, and their twins, Wesley and Mia, who recently adopted a 1 1/2-year-old beautiful black Lab boy, Hero, nka Shadow, soon followed by their adoption of a seven-month-old handsome yellow pup named Denver, nka Sunny. These two lucky Labs are soaking up all of the love, companionship, and fun that comes with being a part of this great family, (which also includes Gary the fish, who tends to keep to himself).  Shadow and Sunny 2

Chris and Diane sent us this wonderful tale of their two new additions:  Your ‘Hero’ has turned into our ‘Shadow’. After being dogless for several years, we decided to take the plunge into the world of dogs again. We fell in love with him from the moment he greeted us at his
foster family. He is a true sweetheart that will follow you around all day long. He had some bad habits when we first got him, nibbling on your hands, stealing food off the counters but has quickly learned that behavior is wrong. We are still working on some other things such as walking on a leash without pulling and destroying the patio cushions and kids lunch boxes, but is making progress. There is so much
to like about Shadow and his affectionate ways. He quickly learned sit, down, off, and no and will even sit and lay down with hand signals. Soon we hope he figures out ‘bang’ (play dead). We are so happy to have saved him from being put down and look forward every day to one of his dog hugs and playing fetch in the backyard. His goal in life is to be a 70 pound lap dog and is well on his way since the kids
can’t help themselves.

Since we are a glutton for punishment, we decided one large dog was not enough for us. We decided to adopt another about a month later. We introduced ‘Sunny’, formerly ‘Denver’ to Shadow and the dynamic duo was born. We told ourselves, what the heck, there are still a few cushions left, which was quickly remedied by them. We had the remaining cushions inside, but Sunny snuck one of them by us
and the two of them turned our backyard into a winter wonderland again, with all the stuffing scattered across the yard. They are polar opposites when it comes to personality, but get along fabulously. They will entertain themselves for hours playing tug with the rings or just wrestling in the yard and living room. Sunny has a long way to go to learn right from wrong and is a work in progress. If you have treats

Shadow and Sunny
in your hand he will be yours until they run out. He is so happy to have a family to pay attention to him and have fun. He is learning to fetch and knows sit and down really well, no is another story. We quickly realized why he was surrendered, but will fight through it and he is making baby steps in progress. It is really evident that he did not have any guidance or attention with his previous family as a
puppy. When it is time for bed, they will both head to their respective doggie beds and stay there. When it is time to get up in the morning, we are greeted with the tongue moving at a hundred miles an hour, a little nibble here and there and the tail thumping against the nightstand. Both boys quickly learned to sit and wait for their food bowls to be set down and get the ‘OK’ to eat. We look forward to
many more years of our salt and pepper show.