Gloria and Greg have welcomed two-year-old Shadow (formerly known as Slim) into their home and have made him a special part of the family.  Not long ago he had been out on his own, with no one to care for him. He had grown rather thin, so his name had become “Slim.”  We wanted to give him a helping hand, because he was a good dog that needed a second chance.   This beautiful and very sweet boy had been aching to know the kindness and warmth that a family can bring.  So, thank you Gloria and Greg, for embracing him and making him a “Shadow” of his former self!

Shadow’s family sent us this update: Slim – now known as Shadow – has been a wonderful addition to our family!  Before even meeting him, we thought the name Shadow would be appropriate for a black lab, and he has certainly lived up to that name as he has become Mom’s shadow!  Mom works from home most of the time, and he enjoys keeping her company in her home office.   He has taken a liking to his new home and family, and has even gained a little bit of weight – his family keeps trying to get him to eat more to get to his ideal weight. Shadow New Beginnings Shadow loves to go for walks, and always keeps an eye out for rabbits that he wants to chase.   He gets mighty excited when we get his leash!  His family has worked with him to teach him how to play with toys, as we don’t believe anyone played with him before.  Fetch is a favorite game, although he also likes to play keep away with the ball!  Shadow is a bit timid, but warms up to people pretty quickly.  He is a friendly and polite dog and has brought so much joy to his family!