Shawnee came to me when my circumstances changed in 2015. I knew from the moment I saw him on the website he was to be my dog and he would forever change my life. Shawnee had a long journey before coming to SHLR. He required multiple surgeries after he arrived but he stayed healthy for five years. The last year was tough as his health declined but Shawnee was tough and never gave up.

He never did like going in the car. He would get sick every ride when he first came to me but was able to eventually tolerate an occasional ride (anywhere but the vet please). Shawnee was always a giant pet hog and could never get enough. He loved going for walks and searching for squirrels but much preferred lounging around the house. He was always the keeper of the time and would make sure I knew it was time for breakfast, dinner, or bed. My home is now too quiet. Shawnee’s SHLR siblings are not as vocal. I will forever miss the excited bark that greeted me anytime I came home.

Shawnee crossed the rainbow bridge peacefully at home with his mom, dad and furry siblings around to say goodbye. I love you big guy. Run free and know I hold you in my heart!