When eleven-month-old Sheamus met his new big brother and fellow Safe Harbor grad, Buddy, it was clear that these two handsome boys were well matched and would become fast friends in no time.  Buddy’s parents, Gary and Irene, were instantly smitten with the new kid, too, and the decision was quickly made that Sheamus would be joining them for the ride home.

Gary and Irene sent us an update on their new pup:

Sheamus (formerly Rhubarb) has been with us for 2 months now and has really settled in as part of the family. We are very happy we selected the right dog — he has a charming and loyal personality. He and Buddy (formerly Charles) get along like peas and carrots. They play constantly, love walks on the leash and run like the wind in our yard where they have at least an acre to run and exercise. Sheamus learned the invisible fence boundaries right away so he can fully enjoy the outdoors with Buddy. Buddy loves having Sheamus to be with and play with. They are constantly together. They get along famously and even eat canned dog food from the same bowl without any problems. Our cat Riley loves Sheamus as he is kind to the kitty just like Buddy is. Buddy and Sheamus enjoy the usual dog horseplay and their favorite game is tug of war. We have had several rope dog toys already destroyed by this energetic duo.

One of the highlights of his day is to settle in his dog bed upstairs while Buddy settles in the chair for a good night’s sleep with their peeps. They both sleep well through the night but wake up ready to play. Mealtimes are always a hit and Sheamus is getting larger meals as he is just 63 pounds now and his ribs are showing. He runs and plays so much he burns off normal sized dog meals in no time. Sheamus gets jealous when Buddy gets attention and horns his way in even though both dogs get loads of love and attention all the time.

They are spoiled but so happy to be in our home with us and we are overjoyed to have them both. Thank you, Safe Harbor!