The new blond beauty romping around Kari and Ernie’s house is none other than the delightful little Miss Shelby!  Shelby was just a five-month-old baby Lab when she arrived, and her new ten-year-old Lab/Beagle big brother, Petey, was quick to take her under his wing and explain all the ins and out of family life.  If having fabulous new parents and a doggone sweet four-legged brother wasn’t enough, this lucky pup also has two teenage kids to romp and play and explore the world with.  Kari and Ernie tell us:This puppy, oh my goodness! I am so impressed on how this dog is so sweet! I have two sons, and they decided to rename Toffee, Shelby. You see, we are a little bit of a car family, and the name seemed to fit!Shelby is so smart! I’ve never had a dog that was crate trained, and the first thing we did before picking her up was pick up a crate and make it nice and cozy. The first couple of days she was here, she actually would put herself to bed at the end of day — she obviously loved her new crate and it made her feel safe and comfortable. Also, we have an older lab mix, Petey, who we were not too sure how he would respond. Well, I tell you what! I think Petey thinks we got Shelby just for him! They have been great playmates and I think Petey has really enjoyed showing Shelby how it all works here — from using the doggie door, to running along the fence and watching over the neighborhood. They are quite a pair. Overall, Shelby has become my little shadow. She is never too far, always by my side. We have been working on some skills walking the neighborhood and she is so willing to please. The entire family is enjoying this pup, and she sure is not lacking attention! By the end of each day — in her crate she goes, and sleeps so tight until the next day’s adventures!  Thank you Safe Harbor for all you do to help find happy homes for happy pups like Shelby!