Just before New Year’s, seven-month-old Shelby was hit by a truck. She had a badly broken and shattered leg and a bruised body. We quickly made arrangements for her to be admitted through the ER at Alameda East Veterinary Hospital. ICU staff stabilized her condition and managed her severe pain.  After reviewing x-rays and assessing her overall condition, the orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Stephan, strongly believed Shelby’s leg could be saved using state of the art techniques. He realigned the twisted bones, and was able to take the bone fragments and use them to reconstruct about half of the shattered gap between the upper and lower femur bones — kind of like doing a puzzle.  The remaining area was filled in with bone grafting material. Locking metal plates secured the fracture site. The next day we were astonished to see Shelby up and about wagging her tail, and toe-touching with the repaired leg!

Shelby will need about 8 weeks of recovery time with one of our medical fosters before she is ready for her forever home.

Thank you to Alameda East Veterinary Hospital for caring for Shelby

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