Ember was just a little sprite when she was adopted by James and Lisa at about eleven weeks of age.  Now this growing pup proudly answers to the name of Sirius and is busy living, loving, and learning, while always lighting up her new family’s days and nights.

Sirius’ new dad reports:  It’s tough to put in a few words what our life is like with this particular Lab pup. After losing our last Safe Harbor Lab, Charlie, at 15 years, it was with tremendous trepidation that we adopted a three-month-old puppy. While that trepidation was justified, we are happy beyond measure that Sirius (formerly known as Ember) has joined our family.

Her namesake, Sirius, is also known as the Dog Star in the constellation Canis Major. The star Sirius is often the brightest star in the sky, and that is true in our earthly home as well, as this Lab has brightened our lives immeasurably. Except of course when she chews through the lamp cords (and shoes, gloves, wicker baskets, not to mention eyeglasses), then the house is dimmer, but only momentarily.  And the puddles, piddles and wet footprints are but temporary inconveniences, while the joy of watching a young Lab explore the world is quite permanent (as are the chew marks on the dining room chairs).

Life with this young Lab has settled into a rather predictable pattern better illustrated through pictures than my prose. But it goes something like this: chase sticks; snooze (with stolen slipper); chase tennis balls, then soak up the sun; play Tug the Trout with best friend Freya; and sleep the deep sleep of the worthy (and weary).