Sister now has a brother, new parents, and everything a young puppy girl could wish for!  SHLR alumnus Luke’s new little sister, Sister, has been keeping him on his toes and giving him the run-around, and he couldn’t be happier.  Their parents, Daniel and Margaret, are thoroughly enjoying this spunky little girl who has fit right in and perfectly rounded out the family.Sister’s parents tell us:Sister (formerly known as Sushi) came to us two months ago as a companion for Luke (aka Lucas) whom we adopted from Safe Harbor last August (our third Safe Harbor adoption). Sister is a spritely little girl coming up on seven months old. She and her stepbrother get along famously. She’s the same 35 pounds she was when we adopted her, so we think of her as a miniature Lab, or jokingly as a Lab/Chihuahua mix. Her nickname is “Little Bit.” She is extremely curious and energetic and runs circles around her six-year-old 70-pound English Lab brother. When approached she rolls on her back for a tummy rub. She definitely holds her own when wrestling with Luke and tears around our two acres like a little black comet. We, and Luke, are thrilled to have her. Thank you Safe Harbor!Our thanks to Kathy and Bonnie for fostering Sister/Sushi!