September and Scot brought a lovely yellow ray of Lab sunshine named Skye into their home, and from the photos it looks as if Skye can’t stop smiling about her new family.  While she and her parents hit it off right away, it took the new girl a little longer to win over her brother, Moose, but he has since joined her growing fan club.

Skye’s new parents sent us an update on their pup:  We adopted Skye on March 10, 2020.   She is a sweet 17-month-old Lab and we could not be happier.  She is such a love bug and immediately steals your heart.

Skye was timid at first in her new home but has truly blossomed.  At first we were a bit afraid that our other dog Moose (10 yr old Lab mix) was not going to accept her and was very jealous of her.  After a few weeks he began to accept her and now loves her and is very protective of her. When she came to live with us it was apparent that she had never gone up or down a flight of stairs, but with slow coaxing we finally got her up and down and now she is the “Queen of the Stairs.”

She loves her two walks per day to the nearby park and is a typical Lab that is completely ball “crazy.”  She loves our large backyard where she revels in roaming the yard, playing fetch and discovering its new things (squirrels/rabbits).

We can’t believe how lucky we were to get the honor of adopting her and loving her for the rest of her life.  We love her so much.