Hi! My name is Snickers. It was Warren when I was at Safe Harbor in July 2015, but when my new family adopted me, they took one look me and thought that was too presidential for the antics they expected from me. I guess I should feel insulted, but when they’re right… they’re right. Now, I’m their little chocolate bar. At the time, Safe Harbor asked my parentals to write a “success story” but how can you write a success immediat…ely after adoption? We see you’ve since changed it to “New Beginnings” which is more fitting. But we are coming up on my 3rd anniversary with this family of 2 guys and my big brother, Jackson, a 10 year old yellow lab and I feel SUCCESS is certainly warranted now.

You see, my big brother came to them straight from birth. I, on the other hand, came about 6 month of age and from Oklahoma. A lot of unknown. I had to learn to trust them and they had to learn to trust me. At first, I would snatch food right out of their hand, because as a stray, I never knew when I would eat. I soon learned that each and every morning and every evening, I would receive a hearty meal no matter what. My parentals say that adopting may not be for everyone, but those willing to take the time and patience will get a gratitude from their new family member that you don’t see from a pick of the litter. Don’t get me wrong… they love us both so much, regardless of where we came from.

My profile on Safe Harbor said that I was looking forward to coming to Colorado to see the Rockies. So right after I was officially adopted, my new family took me camping in a yurt in the Rocky Mountains. I was so happy… we swam in the water and hiked this beautiful state. At about 3am, I was a good watch dog and barked up a storm when I saw something outside the yurt window. My daddies both woke up and was sure it was a bear. You should have seen these “men”. Well, it turns out, my patriotic parentals forgot to take down their little American flag they were flying and the bright moon light caused the shadow of it to sway back and forth as though it were a bear hunting for a meal.

Originally, my family was looking for a girl to adopt because they were told that two male dogs would not get along. But as you can see from the photo, in our case, “Lean On Me” could be our theme song because my brother and I get along great. Thank you for matching us all together. July 31st will be 3 years that I have been with these 3 guys, and I think they needed me as much as I needed them.