My Name is: Sonnet; 6 years old

Medical Profile: Traumatic ulcerated wound, large abdominal lipoma and arthritis

My Story: A Good Samaritan, who took me to a shelter, found me with a nasty leg injury from possibly being caught in a trap or barbed wire. I’m a gentle and trusting girl, but I was not feeling my best. The shelter floor was hard, my legs and hips hurt and on top of all that I was in heat. Safe Harbor came to my rescue and provided a welcome soft landing, literally on a big bed in my foster home. It took many weeks of medication, vet visits, bandage changes and a biopsy to make sure my leg healed. When it was OK for me to be spayed, the big mass was removed too. My foster mom and my adopting mom both had the same name – something I thought was especially lucky for me!