Kate is a longtime Lab lover and one of our wonderful volunteers, and these days she is enjoying her new title of Sophie’s forever mom. Sophie is a beautiful blond with a heart of gold and a tail full of wags, who is thrilled beyond measure to have found the perfect spot to settle in and live like a Lab! She is thriving in her new home and having so much fun that she wants to shout it from the wooftops and tell everyone the story of how she became the luckiest little Lab girl in all the land.

Kate sent us an update on her new pup:  Our first month together has been incredible. She is a young girl that is as enthusiastic about going to the dog park as she is about cuddling. She has such a kind heart, playing with my nieces-dress up, fetch, hide and seek for hours at a time. Sophie’s desire to please and play is endless. When not playing with my nieces she stalks the neighborhood squirrels and wants to play with every dog that walks by our yard. She had her first day at doggie daycare yesterday, and I had the joy of watching her play with all the other dog friends on the webcam. She loved it and came home and took herself straight to bed!

It has been amazing to see Sophie become more confident and comfortable in our home. She is struggling a little with separation anxiety, but every day she makes progress. It is incredible to see her pride and joy when she makes progress and react to our joy when she accomplishes tasks she couldn’t do previously.

It fills my heart with joy and love having Sophie in our home and sharing all that she is learning and we are experiencing together!

Sophie wanted to share some pictures of herself and her new mom, and was particularly excited to show off this photo of her welcome home party.