We adopted Sophie from Safe Harbor after we had lost another lab from cancer. She immediately became part of the family and had a brother named Chipper who was also adopted by us from Safe Harbor, and a cat brother and sister as well. Immediately when she walked into our home, she fit in, always taunting her canine brother and stealing his toys. She loved life but the things she loved to do most were, running with her mommy, going on rides in the truck, burying her face in the snow and of course her very favorite, eating!
Unfortunately, about 2 years after we adopted her, Sophie was diagnosed with mast cell cancer, the same exact cancer that had taken our previous female lab. We immediately changed her diet to an all natural diet and she fought hard for another 2.5 years. She was such a sweet girl and we hardly knew she was even suffering from her cancer because she never showed her pain. On February 9, we had to help her pass over the Rainbow Bridge. The whole family misses that smile and those big brown eyes. We will never forget the joy she brought to our lives.