Just when Safe Harbor alumnus Jaeger thought that life couldn’t get any better, he learned that a beautiful 1.5-year-old Lab lass was joining the family. The lovely Ms. Stella has arrived to double the fun, and her new parents, Monika and Wolfgang, are looking forward to many years of Lab high jinks, love, and snuggles, from their delightful duo.

Stella’s new family tells us: After adopting Jaeger from SHLR we decided he needed a companion. We saw that Stella (formerly Aila) was available. We fell in love with this cute girl! After Christmas we went to meet her with Jaeger at her foster home. After some getting used to each other we rode home and let them loose in the yard. They chased each other, played tug of war and rested side by side. Stella is still very much a “puppy” but is learning quickly! Both dogs are attending training. We are so happy to have our new addition to the family!