“Stella, you are such a good girl!”  We are proud to introduce you to sweet Stella, a two-and-a-half-year old yellow Lab.  Those sparkling brown eyes are focused on Teresa and Sean, as she waits for a command. She knows that when she obeys, she will get an abundance of praise, hugs and kisses, and of course, treats!   Stella was a diamond in the rough, who now sparkles, with the help of Mitch Martin of Denver Dog Training, and Ana, of Training with Grace.  Teresa and Sean are the perfect family for Stella. They fell in love with her, and delight in giving her the confidence to show off her beautiful spirit!Stella and Sean2

Teresa gives us an update:  We took Stella home for a sleepover on April 2nd and the rest is history.

Stella is an angel and we are so happy to be her forever family.  She is so wonderful in the house and loves people.  She is quite content to have you rub her belly all day long!! She is crazy obedient in the home (thanks to Ana and her training).  She was definitely meant to be with us.  As I was going through some previous emails with Safe Harbor, I came across an “inquiry for Hanna Bella” back in October of 2015.  Turns out it was Stella.

Stella has been tossed around a lot and still has issues with other dog encounters, but we knew this going in and are continuing to work on that with Mitch Martin of Denver Dog Training.  Mitch is great, we take walks together so he can help us help her when she gets fired up. When I am working from home she never leaves my side. Stella

We just love, love, love, her and are so grateful that Safe Harbor did not give up on this angel!Stella