Will and Leora’s family recently grew by four big paws, two floppy ears, one waggy tail, and and an immeasurable amount of Lab love, with the addition of a one-year-old pup named Summit.

Summit’s new dad tells their story: Summit has settled in well at his new home. As an extremely active dog, he’s the perfect match for his new mom and dad, Leora and Will. In just the first few weeks since adoption, he’s gone trail running, Nordic skiing and even alpine skiing at the local ski area with his mom and dad. Leora and Will like to take him there before the ski area opens or after it closes and together they climb up the hill. Leora and Will ski down and Summit races alongside. Summit also loves sniffing out antlers in his big backyard. His dad, Will, hides them under piles of leaves or snow and Summit waits patiently until Will gives him the cue to find the sheds. Summit can’t wait until shed antler season this coming spring.

He’s also bonded well with his new brothers, Atticus, a 13-year-old Akita/German shepherd mix and his new cat brother, Darwin. At first, Darwin wasn’t sure of the new family member, but he’s gotten used to having Summit around, and Summit has been nothing but polite to his new brother. No surprise really, because Summit is extremely social. He loves meeting new people and dogs, and — especially — playing with the new dogs he meets. Summit also loves Kongs filled with peanut butter and more than anything, he likes learning new tricks. So far, he’s mastered sit, stay, heel, down and fetch. But after a long day of skiing, running or fetching, he loves to curl up next to the fire.