sushis-familySushi is happy to be home with her new family. You can’t miss her, she is the one sporting the bright blue bandana and a grin that goes ear-to-ear. Spending time with her human brothers and sister, Jackson, Anderson, and Emerson, is the best part of her day. Nothing but sunshine and lollypops, or should we say dog treats, for this one-and-a-half-year-old pup. Per mom Janelle, the kids are usually in a competition to see who can win her over the most, and as you can imagine, this makes Sushi very happy indeed! Canine sister, Sassy is learning to appreciate having Sushi around, and wants to get in on the games too. This is a fun bunch for sure. When we asked Sushi how it feels to be home, she woofed her delight to adopters Janelle and Stephen for bringing her into the fold and giving her the love of family.

Janelle recently sent us this update: Sushi (formerly known as Kokoa) has settled in fabulously in our active household of five humans. She has also gained a new dog sister, Sassy our 3-year-old Boston terrier. Although they are different in size they enjoy playing with each other. Sushi has given Sassy the confidence to be a dog, (prior to Sushi’s arrival, she was more like a cat). Now they both talk, run, play games, and cuddle. Sushi is a true retriever spending much of her free time playing fetch whenever she has a willing participant. She is a momma’s girl and has worked with a trainer to control her excitement while on leash and encountering other dogs. Although she has only been part of our family for six months we cannot imagine life without her!sushi