All the wags, woofs, wiggles, and snuggles being freely given out at Nate and Judi’s home these days are courtesy of Sweetpea, a beautiful shiny black Lab girl who recently joined the family. After the loss of their beloved SHLR pup, 15-year-old Daisy, Nate and Judi came back to Safe Harbor when they were ready to find their next four-legged bundle of love. When 8-month-old Sweetpea was asked if she wanted to hear about the great family that was coming to meet her, she said, “I’m all ears,” but promised she would grow into them before long. A short time later, this precious pup was sporting a fancy new blue bandanna and proudly posing for her adoption photo, just before hopping into the family car for her first ride home.

Sweetpea’s new parents report:

We adopted Showme and changed her name to Sweetpea. The transition has been quite fun, and she is adapting well to our house. She loves to climb the stairs and get into everything, but she is only destructive to her toys. She is bouncy and full of love, and our day begins with her licking my elbow in the morning to get up and play tug of war with her. We couldn’t be happier and expect things to improve more when we start puppy class in a few weeks.