The Champ is home with Dorthea and Levi, and he tells us that his new life is really something to wag about. Now known as Taboche, this four-year-old charmer is perfecting his mountain dogging and spreading yellow Lab sunshine wherever he goes.

Dorthea and Levi report:

We adopted Taboche (Champ) in October. My husband and I are passionate about mountains so we thought it might be neat to name him after one of our favorite peaks in Nepal – Taboche. We tried it out the first day and he seemed to embrace it right away – so Taboche it is!

We can truly say that there have never been so many heart-felt laughs in our house first thing in the morning! We wake up to wiggles, kisses, and pure lab love every day. He has quickly adapted to our life in the mountains at 8,000 feet. He loves going on walks and hikes, playing with the neighbor’s dogs, chasing sticks and snowballs, and cuddling up by the fire with his favorite toy after all that activity. Then there are car rides! He thinks there is nothing better than a ride in the car whether we are going to the Open Space, visiting family, or even just to the top of the driveway!

He is the sweetest dog — so well behaved, a little bit of a ham, and always a joy. Thank you, Safe Harbor Lab Rescue, for connecting us with this wonderful fellow!