This tasteful Tater arrived at her unsuspecting fosters’ home with just a weekend bag packed for a short stay, but Margaret and Michael soon realized that their lovely Lab guest had no intentions of moving on, and they are now the proud and delighted parents of a 10-year-old bouncing baby girl.  Congratulations to all!

Tater’s new parents write:

We’d like to offer an update on adorable Miss Tater Tot. We thought we’d be fostering her for a few weeks whilst helping her find her perfect home. Little did we know the sweetie pie would trot right in, try out each dog bed and every sofa, and announce in no uncertain terms she was comfy staying right here. Tater is easy and fun to be with. She knows her manners, mingles nicely with guests, and is so super soft and velvety it’s hard to stop petting her. Tater’s entire back end wiggles and jiggles when she greets people making everyone just laugh and smile. 

Tater has also been really quick to learn our household routine. Our senior Lab Kali cannot hear so we communicate via hand signals and Tater is so perceptive – she watched Kali and figured it all out! Now when I wave they both come looking for treats. In order to help shed a few pounds, Tater eats a helping of green beans with every meal, and I thought she might have an issue with all those beans but no, she gobbles them down and wiggles asking for more.

We wholeheartedly endorse adopting senior Labs who may have come upon hard times through no fault of their own. They are undemanding, very easy to love and seem to appreciate having a second chance. It’s an instant bond.  We look forward to many years ahead with this velvety Tater Tot.