I got a Kia and converted her to a Tesla.

As advertised, she loves to play fetch, especially in the snow, and is very affectionate! She is low maintenance and her motor starts first thing every morning.

She wasn’t new and was transported to Colorado from another state. I took her out for a test drive and brought her home.

She goes from zero to 60 in seconds chasing a ball or doing figure 8’s in the snow. She doubles as a snow plow. She drops her front end in the snow, raises her back end, and makes a path.

She stops on a dime when braking for the cat. She has excellent command of the road, except rabbits may cause an immediate detour and road hazard. With a little fine tuning, one can now set the cruise control.

I try to wear her battery down at least three times a day. A little rest and she is recharged and ready to go again.

She lost her spare tire, as her curb weight has dropped from 73 lbs. to 61.

She is a sleek black design, but she does drop a few paint chips, especially on clothing.

She has 4-on-the-floor but is designed to roll over easily for a rub down of her under carriage.

The doorbell sets off her alarm and horn appropriately.

Her license plate jingles when her headers are in use.

I thought her engine purred, but then I realized it was the cat next to her.

No buyer’s remorse!