Tillie is a lab with a plan.  From her first meeting with Kathryn and Brian, she charmed them with love and made herself a successful foster failure.  Her lack of subtlety is apparent in her day-to-day life.  Like any good little sister, she follows her brother around and like any good Labrador no meal will be overlooked. This chocolate beauty is a real treat!Tillie’s family sent us an update:

We renamed Ginger to Tillie, after Tillamook, Oregon where they make the best cheese and ice cream!

When I picked up Tillie from Alameda East to foster her, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to let her go. She immediately ran up to me and started kissing my face! Tillie is very affectionate and is such a cuddle bug!  She adores her new golden retriever brother, Peyton, and follows him around the house. By now she knows she will get breakfast and a walk every morning no matter what, but she still doesn’t let us forget! There is no need for an alarm clock in our house! Tillie is excited for just about everything and we love her zest for life.

We are so thankful Safe Harbor brought Tillie into our lives!