Two-year-old Timber is home to stay with Ashley and Joseph, and what a lucky boy he is! Timber tells us that his favorite things ever are soaking up the love from his new parents and soaking up the rays with his new Lab sister, Chloe. Timber is thriving with his wonderfully patient new mom and dad who understand he’s just an overgrown pup with much to learn but everything to offer and make sure he receives daily doses of love, training, exercise and fun to help him become his very best Lab self.

Ashley and Joseph sent us an update on their boy: We are in love with our new addition, Timber. We all adjusted pretty quickly to a routine. We were very fortunate. He was definitely meant to be our dog. I see it in his eyes and he is so snuggly and loves to cuddle with us. We did have an interesting first few days — he ate everything in our pantry and redecorated our house! But some things did need to go. It’s been smooth sailing otherwise.

We learned that we have to kennel him if we leave briefly so it calms his separation anxiety; we now know he is part hound and we love his howls. He enjoys frequent runs with his Dad, walks with Mom, and he loves and terrorizes his Sister/ Mentor (Chloe — also a SHLR rescue from 2010). He is the perfect addition to our family and he is very loved and spoiled.

I cannot praise Safe Harbor enough — please keep rescuing these animals. It works — you’re a wonderful organization. Thank you!