Life can take unexpected turns, and an adopter may be unable to care for their Safe Harbor Lab. Our adoption contract requires Labs be returned to us if the adopter cannot keep them. We are truly their life-long “safety net.”

Miss Tina came back to us several years after her adoption when her owner passed away. She was taken to a shelter by the authorities when no family could be located. Thankfully, her microchip led them to Safe Harbor, and eventually a relative was located who gratefully released Tina to us.

At least twelve years old now, petite Miss Tina had several health issues we addressed to improve her quality of life. She was totally blind and quite arthritic, but she was a happy girl. She relished her meals and long naps on her cushy bed and dreamed of the days when she was a world-class fetcher. Tina was loved and cared for in her golden years by Angie, her hospice foster mom. We were very grateful Tina came back “home” to us and to have brought her family peace of mind.