David and Nancy, adopted handsome 1 1/2-year-old Dusty, nka Tobey, who is settling in beautifully and quickly making himself right at home. Here are some excerpts from the update we received from Tobey’s new doting dad: Tobey_201605_250px

Tobey has quickly grown accustomed to living at our house and has done wonderful. We keep waiting for the shoe to drop but he continues to amaze us with his great behavior. The attached picture is of Tobey bringing a ball back to me after I have tossed it a distance from him. He will chase the ball and leap up in the air to try to catch it in his mouth. He is an extremely well behaved dog, has learned the boundaries of our yard very quickly and the boundaries within the house. When we were on a walk the other day, he caught a scent of a young rabbit. He smelled around and chased the young bunny back and forth a few times. When the bunny stopped, Tobey stopped and they were looking at each other nose to nose. Neither moved for a few seconds, then the rabbit took off. Tobey gave chase and they both stopped again nose to nose. Tobey seems to be very friendly with other dogs who he goes by and with people who come by. He wants to greet all who come his way. He responds when called and aims to please.

Tobey has brought us many smiles and laughs. We laugh a lot at him when he seems so relaxed, in the yard all spread out, in the house under the dining room table, on the kitchen rug as we eat or on the living room rug. He has truly become a much loved member of our family. He loves to be petted and lay his nose on your leg when you are sitting on a chair or come right up to your face when you are trying to put on your shoes and socks with a big lick for you. We are thrilled to have him here and look forward to many more adventures with him.