Thank you so much for the thoughtful Adopt – A – Versary card! My husband and I cried when we opened it, Toby is our whole world! We love him so much although he has clearly chosen my husband Tom as his number one person in the whole world 😉!

He is our brave little hiking buddy who loves to bark and keep watch on our home as much as he loves to cuddle and snuggle with just about everyone he has ever met! He has and is slowing overing coming his fear of the water and now will willingly go down to a river or lake and want to play! He loves to go camping and run wild and he really loves hikes! He loves the snow a ton too and he loves running (mmaaan does he love to run; he is def a whippet Lab mix!) and he lives for playing ball.

He gets along so well with our cat (Otis 🐾) now. Toby will often give Otis a kiss after a hike or walk when they have been apart too long. He loves other dogs and he always wants to play – he has lots of dog friends (his best friends are a ridgeback named Bantu and German Shorthaired Pointer named Kona!)! We have actually been thinking about applying to adopt another Lab mix from your rescue perhaps sometime next year as Toby really loves the company of other dogs and we know we all would love another family member when the time is right!

Thank you to the moon and back for connecting us to our Toby, we all love (he has Grandparents you will see in the photos attached to the email who love and spoil him so much too …!) him soooooooo much! All the very best!! ~ Ali and Tom Murray