Toby came to us almost on his 3rd birthday (March 2011), and he had us until August  25, 2017.  He often let us know that he had “won the Lab Lotto” when he got us.

He could field-strip a tennis ball in 3 minutes flat, and could de-squeak a squeaky toy and spit out the squeaker in 20 seconds…taking only ten more seconds to strew “toy-guts” all over the back yard.

The first year he had us, I was working in the home office and he would never go farther away from me than arm’s length so I could reach him for pets. When he had to go outside, he would get up, put his head on my leg and “growl talk” to me to tell me he had to go out. We would go downstairs, he would go into the back yard, do his business, come back in, go to the “cookie bowl” and give me “the cookie look.” Of course, his resident “older girlfriend Bailey” taught him all the ways to solicit treats. Toby was one helluva great dog and a wonderful companion!

God Bless You, Toby! Play with the pack at the bridge. I’ll be along in a while, not too soon though, I promise!