Margot’s family has grown by four feet with the addition of an adorable little Lab named Tootsie.  Still just a pup at 1 1/2-years-old, Tootsie is a sweet chocolate charmer with an endless supply of love and snuggles to share with her new family. Tootsie particularly enjoy family walks around the neighborhood where she proudly shows off her new mom and her two very own kids, Bea and Hudson.

Margot tells us:  Our lives were fine, but there was definitely something missing.  That’s when we felt we were ready to welcome another furry friend into our family.  It had been almost 6 years since my firstborn, a Black Lab named Miller, died.  We knew we wanted another dog, but I was scared that no dog could live up to Miller, and I feared that we’d constantly compare any new dog to her.  So I trolled the SHLR website for years, and so did my kids and they’d tell me about new candidates.  They never knew how much I looked at that website.  Then we saw a friendly chocolate face, and I guardedly scheduled a visit with the foster parents.  Even driving there, the kids were so excited about getting a new dog, and I still cautioned them that we wound not be taking a dog home with us if she wasn’t a good fit for us.  As soon as we saw her, of course we brought her home.  tootsie

On the way home from the foster family with Tootsie in the back of the car, the kids started fighting over whose bed she was going to sleep in that first night, but they agreed on her Halloween costume (a Tootsie Roll!).  She is a sweet girl who brings much joy to our lives, from the daily walks seeing this whole dog community that’s formed in our neighborhood, to watching my kids take responsibility for Tootsie, and having someone warm to snuggle next to on the couch.  Yes, the same couch I never let Miller get up on.

Tootsie is pictured enjoying a sunny day, and cuddling with Bea and Hudson.