Eight-year-old Tripp has started the next great chapter of his life with his new dad (and one of our fabulous Safe Harbor transport volunteers), Chad, and new twelve-year-old Lab brother, Quinn. It didn’t take long for Trip to settle in and make himself right at home, and as he soaks up the love from his new family, he seems to know that despite sadness in his past, his future looks golden now.

Chad sent us an update on his new boy:

Tripp and I have been together for about a month now. I enjoy adopting the older dogs because it’s likely that if they’ve arrived at Safe Harbor at this stage of their life they’ve either had some trauma or an unfortunate set of circumstances that transitioned them out of a loving home. That was the case for Tripp. Sadly, his owner passed away and Tripp was left with an uncertain future. Uncertainty no more; he’s found a forever home again with me!! Thank you to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for being that safe place for Tripp to go while waiting for he and I to find one another.

Most dog lovers will tell you there’s something special about their companion, they’re all equally and wonderfully unique. Tripp is no exception. He is both smart and goofy, attentive and a dreamer, and nothing but pure LOVE!! I think that’s what moves me most about Tripp. He’s like my “little shadow” and follows me everywhere. Whether it’s between rooms in the house, a short errand to the corner store, or longer visits to his new grandma’s house, Tripp wants to be there!! Tripp makes sure his new Dad knows he’s number #1 in his life and will hop straight up and down with excitement to let me know!! I feel incredibly blessed to have been paired with Tripp and look forward to many more years together.