Five-year-old Tuck is home for the holidays with Kathi, Bob, and their son William, who decided to make another lucky pup’s dreams come true after the recent loss of their first beloved Safe Harbor Lab. Tuck is one big, handsome hunk of chocolate, and he’s been very busy sweetening the lives of his new family ever since he arrived. After some time on the streets, Tuck prefers to stay warm and dry and close to home these days, and he tells us that every day feels like Christmas when you have a family of your very own to snuggle up with.

Kathi writes:

We adopted Tuck on October 13 and he has been the biggest love of our lives. He is the most precious boy we are thankful for this Holiday season. From day one he loves playing with all toys and getting and giving hugs to everyone in the family.

He doesn’t like sleeping on his beds but rather use them as big pillows to rest a tired head. Tuck also knows when his big brother comes home from school to play ball with him. He is not really into the snow thing — he doesn’t like his feet getting wet or cold. So it’s a quick bathroom break and back into the warm house.

Thank You for saving these wonderful Labs!