When Tucker heard that Ann and Ray wanted him to come home with them to stay forever, he put on his finest collar, packed up his dinner bowl and vintage tennis ball collection, and jumped right into family life with all four paws.  Tucker is a good-natured fellow who makes new friends wherever he goes, and with his gleaming black coat and ready smile, this dapper gent can still turn a few heads at the dog park.  While he always enjoys a romp in the great outdoors with four-legged buddies, Tucker tells us that the very best part of every adventure is having his new parents along to join in the fun.Ann and Ray report:  Tucker cuddled up to us and immediately won our hearts.  For an eight-year-old, Tucker has the energy of a two-year-old.  He likes catching tennis balls and keeps our yard squirrel free.  Tucker greets company and us with a toy he picks out of his basket.Tucker has been to the mountains to run with his two Irish Setter friends, jumping over logs and running through a creek.We are so grateful to have Tucker in our lives.