Michelle and Becky have added a dashing young chocolate chap named Tucker to their family. One-year-old Tucker is loving his new mountain paradise and particularly enjoys frolicking, fetching, and fraternizing with his new two-legged and four-legged brothers, who help him run off some of his youthful energy. In his spare time, Tucker is also studying hard and catching up on his lessons so he can learn how to be a very good Lab boy and make his new family very proud.

Tucker took a break from his busy schedule to send us an update on his fabulous life:

Hello! My name is Tucker, formerly known as Jaeger. I was adopted on April 15 and moved to the central mountains of Colorado! I have gained a new brother! He is a Jack Russell and his name is Titus! He has been teaching me the ropes of living the mountain life. We like to play tug-o-war and he thinks he’s so strong and wins all the time, but I’m just being nice to him. We go on walks several times a day and I let him lead. I also have a new human brother and he likes to get on the floor and play with me. He takes me outside and throws tennis balls really far for me to run after. Titus and I both love tennis balls and we recently got a brand-new bag of them!

I am still testing my limits with my new moms. I must be up when the sunlight hits the house and I don’t know if I’ll get away with it every morning, but I’ll try! Titus will tell me when to calm down or quit barking also. He can get kind of grumpy, so I just do what he asks! I have been going to doggie school once a week and I’m learning to not pull my mom around and to pay attention when she talks to me. Sometimes it’s hard cause I have so much energy, but I’m working very hard!

I love it here in the mountains and can’t wait until we get to go for something that my moms call a “hike” and something about carrying a “backpack.” I think I will love it! Hopefully they will take me swimming again soon because that was fun but man was that water cold!