When six-month-old Tucker arrived, Tracey and Matthew got a delightful new bundle of puppy love, energy, and fun; and their dashing senior pup, Sergeant Paws, got a baby brother, new best friend, and a mini-me who really didn’t stay mini for long.  It’s clear that the entire family (including the handsome new addition) is thrilled that young Tucker found his way home. Tracey and Matthew sent us an update on their new boy: Tucker is a total punk: an energetic monster, a master manipulator, and the most wonderful little dude you will ever meet. Words cannot even begin to describe how insanely in love we are.The choice to adopt Tuck was a complete surprise. We met him on a whim, knowing that our older lab (Sarge) would most likely protest a new addition to the family. Shockingly, the two hit it off right away…and suddenly our 12-year-old lab was reinvigorated with puppy energy.It’s been 6 months since we brought Tucker home and we couldn’t be happier. Every day is a new adventure for Tucker and we have the joy of getting to watch his personality unfold. We’ve watched tucker conceptualize natural phenomena like snowflakes or feet moving under a blanket to more advanced concepts like how to behave in different social dynamics (with dogs and people). No matter what we are doing Tucker is always right by our side; loving on everyone, mimicking our behavior, and adding to the conversation (quite literally – we found out that he is 30% husky and he is not afraid to let the low howls fly. We cannot thank the SHLR foster family for the time and love they put into Tucker. Their work gave us a great jumping-off point to help a very scared street dog turn into our beloved little snuggle-butt. Many thanks to Andrea and Mike for fostering Tucker and helping him get off on the right paw!