My Name is: Twilight; 10 years old

Medical Profile: I had mammary masses, and when I was being spayed a uterine tumor was discovered (fortunately the biopsy showed it was benign). I also had a pretty big lipoma on my shoulder that need to be removed, a leg wound and painful arthritis, plus I needed to lose a good bit of weight.

My Story: When my owner moved away, all the other dogs in the family found places, but being an overweight senior girl with lumps, I was left with no place to go. Safe Harbor saw my heart of gold and didn’t hesitate to welcome me. I’d had many puppies and little vet care for a very long time, so I was quite a project! Each night I made a wish: “Star light, star bright may I find my forever home tonight.”  And guess what? It came true when my foster mom fell in love with me adopted me!