When nine-month-old Mica first arrived at Safe Harbor, she was a timid, frightened little girl who would run away when approached. After spending some time in a loving foster home, Mica began to realize that some people are good and kind, and maybe not quite so scary after all. Then Joy and Bill came to visit, and Mica’s whole world changed forever. This formerly homeless pup is now an important member of her very own family, with wonderful parents and a canine big sis who are all dedicated to helping her overcome her fears and live life to the fullest every day.

Joy and Bill recently sent us an update on their lovely pup:

“Twilly” (formerly Safe Harbor Lab Rescue’s “Mica”) joined our family in August 2018. She joined mom (Joy), dad (Bill), and big sister (Early), a rescued Golden/Chesapeake mix who is 11 years old). Twilly had clearly had a rough start to life, but is so responsive to love, food, and security. One of our family’s early adventures together was a camping trip to Great Sand Dunes National Park. Having a curious streak, Twilly enjoyed the new ecosystem, trails, smells, and frequent hikes. But the trip was a challenge for a little doggie who just hadn’t learned that she should “do her business” while on leash, as running in our yard was not going to happen while camping! (She figured that one out.)

Twilly has boundless energy, and entertains herself by supplementing daily walks with running loops around the house, often throwing her toy in the air and catching it. She delights in watching the world go by from inside our wire fence. Some people are still a little scary to her, but gentleness and patience – or getting a treat from them – usually leads to squeals of delight the next time she sees them. Being a little over a year old, Twilly has more energy than her big sister, who engages in play occasionally. Twilly loves play dates and even had two play sessions recently with her birth sibling, also a Safe Harbor rescue. It was thrilling to hear from her foster family how much Twilly had matured and mellowed, demonstrating confidence gained in her new forever home. In her third month with us, Twilly became more outgoing, walking better on a leash, learning commands, and approaching people sometimes to greet them happily. Her fears are diminishing; she is enjoying life, cuddling a lot with all three of us, and providing happiness and laughter in our home.

Many thanks to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for uniting us!