What a fantastic, fabulous, foster fail! Eight-year-old TY took the shortcut from foster to forever when he had the good fortune to arrive at Bill and Connie’s house as their very first foster dog. TY walked in, took a quick look around, checked out the dinner menu, and woofed waggishly, “If home is where the heart is, then I’m here to stay.” Luckily, Connie and Bill wholeheartedly agreed, and it was the start of a delightful new beginning for all.

TY’s new family reports: Tiger, now “TY,” is such a laid-back guy I call him mellow yellow. He took to us like he has always been with us. He actually laughs and grins and is happy all the time. He follows Connie everywhere and hangs out in my office. He is fun and extremely lovable.

I applaud his previous care providers. They taught him well and one can tell treated him well. He is very polite, never barks (in the house) and obedient. TY is an excellent addition to our family. We love him! Thank you, Safe Harbor!