One-year-old Waylon packed up his bags and his hopes and dreams and made the long trek to Colorado from a neighboring state. His greatest wish was that a forever home would be waiting for him at the end of his journey. Sure enough, after a one-day pit stop in his foster home, Waylon’s new parents came to meet him. Patti and Mike had lost both of their beloved senior Lab boys earlier this year and wanted to bring another lucky Lab into their home. When they arrived to meet Waylon, he proceeded to woof and yell at them, perhaps trying to tell them about the long, tough week he’d had and all the confusing changes he had been through. Fortunately, these wonderfully kind and understanding folks gave him time to get more comfortable with them and took the chance that the frightened pup behind all the bluster would soon become the sweet, loving, happy Lab that was hiding underneath.

Waylon’s new mom, Patti, writes: Upon picking up Waylon, it was a volatile situation. He was a very scared dog and barked at us incessantly for quite some time. He had just traveled miles, got neutered and was cautious. I was very wary that it might not work. I was nervous. We got him home and it took one day to become a wonderfully affectionate boy with the both of us. He has such a personality and character, he makes me laugh every day. He loves to snuggle and give kisses. He loves his backyard and stands and watches the trees so no squirrels come into it. He likes to run around and play with his toys and is very active, especially in the mornings. We are working on his social skills but can’t imagine the house without that look and beautiful eyes. Such a joy in our lives.

Thank you for bringing him into our lives. Truly blessed.