Our Generous Donors

Our Generous Donors

We are constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors! Read about some of our recent donations:

In Memory of Mike Smith

In memory of my friend and neighbor, Mike Smith, on Father’s Day. He was a dog whisperer. — Amy Malcolm

In Memory of “Sport”

In Memory of my Mom’s dog, Sport. Megan Christianson and Heather Barbee

In Celebration of Mitch and Beth

In celebration of Mitch and Beth’s wedding, who are Roxy’s pet humans. –Mark Middlebro

In Memory of “Abigail”

In Memory of Abigail

Abigail had a wonderful life and she certainly gave more than she took! We were blessed to have her in our lives for 13 years.

~Robyn and Bart Roggensack

In Memory of “Abigail”

In loving memory of Abigail Roggensack who brought so much joy and fun to our family. The Gallow Family, John, Heidi, Lauren and Liah

In Memory of Uncle Dick

In memory of James R. Cazier, “Uncle Dick”. — William Cazier

In Memory of Dick Cazier

In memory of Dick Cazier ~ our beloved brother and uncle. — William Crazier and Kim Grayen

In Memory of “Murphy”

In memory of our beloved “mellow yellow” “Murphy”. — Debbie and John Reed

In Memory of Spencer Klingeman

In memory of Spencer Sweeting Klingeman. — Jane Le

In Celebration of Annika and Mike

In celebration of Annika Turnquist and Mike Wilson’s wedding. — Lynette Tranbarger

In Memory of Spencer Klingeman

A donation in memory of Spencer Klingeman. — Scott Burnham

In Memory of Spencer Klingeman

In memory of Spencer Klingeman, a dear friend of ours whose beloved Lab, Tillie, was adopted from Safe Harbor. — Megan O’Brien & Kyle Bunten

In Memory of Spencer Klingeman

In memory of Spencer Sweeting Klingeman, with love. — Jessica Katz

In Memory of “Jack”

In memory of “Jack”, 13 year old boy of Kathy (long-time SHLR volunteer) and Butch Hollister. He was well-loved with them and I know will be greatly missed. — Becky Wilson

In Memory of “Elsie”

In loving memory of Elsie who was dearly loved by her wonderful family and helped many people in need of comfort and support. She was such a gentle and loving girl. — Linda Hartman

In Memory of Dick Cazier

Dick began volunteering for Safe Harbor in 2004. He took on the challenging job of Foster Coordinator, served on the Board of Directors, was a generous donor, fostered rescued Labs and adopted two, Sadie and his beloved Ian. We will always remember how much Dick loved the Labs and saw the good in each one. No one was a better ambassador for the rescued Labs than Dick.  ~With Love from Dick’s Many Friends at Safe Harbor.

In Memory of “Henri”

They own a place in your heart that no one can ever fill.” In loving memory of my sweet, Henri.  You are greatly missed everyday.  Love Polly and “Osborne”

In Memory of “Layla”

In loving memory of Layla. We miss your cooing, loyalty, and companionship as well as your goofy antics when you drummed your front legs on the floor or ran like a crazy dog. Run free sweet girl. Love you always. Cary Unkelbach and Dave Olmstead

With Gratitude — Colorado Gives Day 2018

SHLR is overwhelmed with joy over all of your generous donations during the 2018 CGD campaign!  Thank you to all of our donors.  The Labs are so lucky to have your support!

In Memory of “Mia”

In memory of Mia, a wonderful black lab, who suddenly passed away. She was owned and loved by my good friend, Chris Stribley. — Beth Singleton-Howland

In Memory of Doulcemay

In remembrance of Doulcemay. She brought great Joy to her Pack!– Murphy, Ricky, and Chris Daly

In Memory of “Kooper”

To my friends at Safe Harbor – Ten years ago I found my new home with Deb and Steve Dobbs thanks to you and what a ten years I had! I gained weight, got healthy, learned how to swim and walk up stairs, I made sure there was nothing valuable in the trash and of course I always brought the ball back really fast–those humans love to play catch! I told Deb and Steve to reach out to you when they are ready so they can help another pup because I know their hearts are empty now but their love of Labs and desire to help another pup like me is something they will do, a house and life are empty without a fury friend to take care of them. Say WOOF! to all my buddies at SHLR and warm season wishes for you and every pup in the world! –Kooper (it was Kipper @ SHLR, I never could spell!)

In Memory of “Lucie”

In loving memory of Lucie Belle Price Habel. Good girl, Lucie! — Amy Malcolm

In Honor of Sassy (Mia)

In honor of Sassy (Mia) — Sharon and Kenneth Mudge

In Honor of “Stella” and “Moose”

In memory of wonderful Moose and in honor of our beautiful girl, Stella. — Michael and Tammy Van Boening