Our Generous Donors

Our Generous Donors

We are constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors! Read about some of our recent donations:

In Memory of “Haley”

In memory of our sweet and loving Haley, a Safe Harbor girl.

In Memory of “Cecille”

In Memory of Cecille.  Rob and Louise rescued Cecille and her sister in Singapore and later moved with them to Dallas where their “squirrel watch” was much more satisfying.  Her family gave her a wonderful life no matter where she parked her toys.

In loving memory Michael Collins 8/31/1966-1/15/2024

“In loving memory Michael Collins 8/31/1966-1/15/2024”

Evette Shileny
Andrea Wingelmayr
Kay Coulson
Robert Miner


In Memory of “Yoshi”

Our family wants to thank Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for bringing our beloved dog Yoshi (renamed from the name “Vegas” he came with from SHLR) into our lives. Sadly, he lost his battle with osteosarcoma last year, but we have so many happy memories and he will remain in our hearts forever. Yoshi was the best dog ever. ~ Sevie Winkeljohn

In Memory of “Winnie”

This donation is in honor of Barbara and Mark Lettes and their beloved “Winnie” who came to them through Safe Harbor Lab Rescue. ~Karen Paneth

In Memory of “Luna”

Everyone was smitten with Luna!  Look up Lab in the dictionary and there was Luna’s picture.  Sweet, energetic, eager to please and play, and easy to relax on her life filled with boat rides on warm summer evenings. She held on as long as she could in the Kraus House to return all the love she received with her warm eyes and happy smile.

In Memory of Pebbles

Pebbles was given an abundance of love by Elliott, Scott, and Karen and she returned every bit of it tenfold! All of her energy was spent in protecting and giving them joy.  And a joyful life they all had.

In Honor of “Gus”

“In Honor of Gus, I will love you always” Trista

In Memory of “Daisy”

In memory of Daisy, my sweet Safe Harbor yellow Lab, who died in September. She was the best girl and companion and is missed very much.

Kathy Meredith

In Honor of Chris and “Buster”

This donation is in honor of my son, Chris, and his beautiful Lab – one of your previous rescues. – “Buster”.  Buster is so intelligent. He has learned how to play battleship.


In Memory of “Nelson”

Thank you Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for bringing our boy, “Nelson”  to us.~Marlene and Bill

In Memory of “Romeo”

This donation is in memory of our sweet boy, Romeo.  We adopted Romeo from SHLR at the age of nine.  We were so blessed to have him with us for seven additional years.  He brought great joy to all he met.  Fearful at first, if you gained his trust he was your friend forever.  What a gentle soul he was.  I know he is running and playing pain free with our other family members who are no longer with us.  We miss you Romeo.

In Memory of “Maya”

Maya was rescued by Mike just in time and she became his best dog ever.  This cattle dog just wasn’t a good fit at the ranch in Park County so she made the move to Mike over the pass to Summit County. Maya and Mike were rarely apart and she lives on in him.  You can see her love, gratitude and loyalty in her eyes.  She had a great life thanks to Mike – but a life that a cancer made all too short.

In Honor of Allison and Ron Blackford

In honor of Allison and Ron Blackford
~Linda Sickels

In Memory of Ashley Weikels

In loving memory of Ashley Weikels.

~Jody Kelly

In Memory of “Hank”

Oh, how we will miss you, Hank. Such a joyful presence for Ali, Ken and Carol!  Full of tricks, eager to play games and a beautiful sense of humor!  Hank loved time with his family and also reveled in parties!  Even here, when his bones paid the price for years of frolic, his spirit would always help him rally to welcome friends, furry or two footed, with his curious and welcoming “lets play”!

In Loving Memory of Terry Fox

In Loving Memory of Terry Fox

CW Fox
Jillian Varner
Anish Malhatra
Allison Howe
Sandy Merryhew
Sharon Keating
Rebecca Steele
Bonnie Wood
Patricia and John Snyder
Bob and Barb Baroni
Ralph Charlip
Brian Begley

In Memory of “Brutus Nelson”

In memory of “Brutus Nelson,” the first and very bestest good boy. ~ Kirstin McGowan

In Memory of “Dax”

Today, I lost Dax, my wonderful rescue lab. He was the best companion a person could ask for, and I hope my donation helps other amazing dogs find their forever homes. ~ Renee Jensen

In Memory of “Hendrix”

Hendrix was a Happy Denver Dog for much of his 16 plus years and a joyful family member to Dana and Andy. They gave him a wonderful life and Hendrix hung on as long as he could to enjoy every minute of it.  He’s now howling the happy version of “Castles Made Of Sand” with his namesake.  From Dana “Our house and our hearts feel empty, but we’re so grateful for all the years we had with him.”

In Memory of “Caia”

Caia was rescued and swept into the loving arms of Ellen and Steve and her furry big sister, Maggie. Her happiness in her new home made her a little worried about ever being taken away!  She loved her snuggles and happily traveled the country with her family making new friends everywhere she went.

In Memory of “Rico”

Rico has left Lance and Cheryl with an emptier house but very full hearts.  Rico was full of energy and eagerly welcomed every two legged visitor. Here he is with his cousin Jax and brother Rowdy.  Rico and Rowdy are now romping on long hikes together once more with the ecstasy of puppies.  Rico was a bit pickier on four legged friends but if Rico liked them, nothing was held back!  He gave so much joy and happiness.

In Memory of “Bo”

We had our wonderful boy for just over 3 years. Unfortunately Bo had a cancer diagnosis that was very aggressive. We needed to make the tough decision to let Bo pass away this morning. We had a very peaceful morning together and have enjoyed everyday with Bo.We are sincerely grateful to Safe Harbor Lab Rescue for uniting us with Bo and are making a donation in his honor.We were told Bo was about 8 years old when he came into our lives and have had the absolute pleasure of giving him the best retirement years we could.


In Memory of “Archy”

In memory of the sweetest Archy Pants ever! Love ya buddy. Go say hi to Maggie and Sammy for me.

~Janelle George

In Memory of “Lexie”

In memory of the sweetest, most loving lab ever, our Lexie girl. She faithfully and unconditionally gave of herself for 14 1/2 years. She will forever be in all of our memories and hearts. Stephanie and Rich Fisher.

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