Our Generous Donors

Our Generous Donors

We are constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors! Read about some of our recent donations:

In Memory of “Rosie” Conners

In memory of my sweet girl, “Rosie” Conners
~ Gail Conners

In Memory of “Jake”

In memory of Jake, my valiant hospice boy whom I adopted when it was clear he was probably going to live forever.
While he didn’t, he inspired me with his spirit and joy till the end. ~ Leslie Brown

In Memory of “Rowdy”

Rowdy was happy his entire life. From his beginnings in Northern Colorado to his last home among the Sangre de Christo’s, he enjoyed the outside and rolling in everything. His big frame was only outdone by his even bigger spirit. He loved so deeply Lance and Cheryl who he trusted without limits.  Rowdy will be deeply missed but never forgotten. ~The Daly’s

In Memory of “Frida”

In memory of Frida, my chocolate Lab who brought such joy and happiness to me and my family.
~Victoria Emery

In Memory of “Farley”

We wanted to donate in memory of Farley who passed last weekend. His dad, Kevin, rescued him through SHLR and turned his whole life around to happiness and health. An amazing dog and an amazing human. We will miss you, Farley. ~ The Atkinsons


In Memory of “Bailey Mae”

In loving memory of Miss Bailey Mae.  We will miss you.
Love from your family

In Memory of “Kali”

Kali is telling everyone what heaven is because she lived it on earth.  Rescued by Barb and Phil, Kali was their deeply loved constant companion who lived a full life of hiking, skiing and rafting from her base in Summit County.  And a pretty good construction site dog supervising several projects. She’s catching up on things with so many of her pack of pals who have been waiting for her and leaving broken hearts with those she’s left behind here.

In Memory of “Pilot”

In memory of “Pilot” who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 26, 2021. Pilot left his footprints on our hearts. We are so grateful for SHLR for entrusting Pilot to us and for all of the good SHLR Does for so many dogs each year.

~ Thank you, Kathy and Mark Winninger

In Memory of “Truman”

In memory of “Truman.”  Truman was so special; I miss him every day. We had an awesome life together.  ~ Sue

In Memory of “Drake”

In honor of our beloved Drake, seen here doing what he loved most, hunting with daddy. He was always ready to go and couldn’t wait to work that field. When our girls came along he was such a good dog that he let them play dress up with him. He was their first ever heartbreak when he left us but we remember him everyday and we hope he’s hunting it up.
-Love Marc, Tara, Mila and Luna

In Memory of “Archie”

This donation is in honor of Archie. Archie was Joyce’s best pal and buddy. ~ Gary Guy

In Memory of “Tobey”

Tobey was Alice’s first dog of her very own. We know how that is.  Tobey welcomed Gnarly a little later and the two adoptees became part of the extended human family of James, Pete, and Mary.  His heart was so big, Tobey easily took them all into it.  Then, Alice met Dave and soon along came Emily and Owen.  His heart grew bigger for all of them.  He was so happy and gentle with the new little ones.  Now, Tobey lives big in our hearts forever.

In Memory of “Johnny”

King of the Park County outdoors.  Johnny was rescued from the lowlands and quickly came to rule his humans and the outdoors surrounding his Park County home.  Gail and Randy told him over and over of the risks as he got older; he was defiant!  He always rewarded their permission by bringing home a “gift”. Johnny was beautiful, loving, happy in his high country home and was treasured every day of his long life by his family. 

In Memory of Roy Smith

In memory of Rev. Roy Gerald Smith. May he rest in peace and all who loved him feel comfort and love in their grieving.  ~ Kay Shanny

In Memory of “Benji”

In Memory of “Benji” ~ Mandy Wodnick

In Memory of “Benji”, and in honor of Scott, who spent all night trying to find him. ❤️ ~ Tara and Nicholas Caronna


In Memory of Nancy Ragains

In memory of my Mom, Nancy Ragains. She has attended your events with me and has been a wonderful Grandma to our many Safe Harbor Lab Rescue Labs through the years. We have listed your organization on my Mom’s Obituary encouraging donations in lieu of flowers. My Mom loved dogs and all that your organization stands for. Thank you for all you do!

Warm regards, Lesa Ragains & Annie Oyler

In Memory of Sweet Guti

Sweet Guti.  Forever Loved by Sue and Reid and forever a loyal friend to them. Guti was a man whose heart and spirit was so much bigger than his build. He will be deeply missed and impossible to stop remembering.

In Memory of “Maggie”

In loving memory of Maggie

In Memory of Maggie, rescued with open hearts and an open home by Ellen and Steve and gave back her boundless love. Maggie’s melodious bark just exuded her joy. Maggie is now exchanging play bows with Lucy and all her BFFs on a cool Colorado morning on fields of high green grasses. Murphy, Ricky and Chris Daly

In Memory of “Stormer”

In gratitude for Stormer

Waiting here, as he did, for Declan or Meg to arrive home. Once the family was together, all sorted. Happiness reestablished. Stormer saw his family through the tough times with his peaceful, comfortable presence and through the happy times with raucous play and run, and road trips to play with his extended family. Stormer had but one fault: he was a Phillies fan.

In Celebration of Vicki Emery

Happy Birthday Vicki Emery. The world is a better place with you in it. We are lucky to have you in my life. We love you. Gayle and Terry

In Memory of Marta Shaw

In memory of Marta G. Shaw lover of all animals and caretaker of many. ~ Stephanie Kallet

In Honor of Ben

In honor of Ben…demonstrating his Lab love for life every day! ~ Judith Howard

In Memory of Larry Sedhal

In Memory of Larry Sedhal and his dogs, Chase and Ellis. We love and miss you, Larry! ~ Jill Archbold

In Memory of Lauren Heil

In memory of Lauren Heil who passed away recently. Lover of all dogs, especially Labs. ~ Brad Senn

In Memory of Dan Cahill

In memory of Dan Cahill who died Sunday, March 14, 2021, in Denver. He and his wife Liz (Elizabeth) adopted “Buzzy” a few years ago from Safe Harbor. ~ Shelly Ackermann

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