Our Generous Donors

Our Generous Donors

We are constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors! Read about some of our recent donations:

In Honor of Annaliese Boone

In honor of Annaliese Boone — Janet Boone

In Honor of Mike and Alicia Metcalf

In honor of Mike and Alicia Metcalf — Frank and Ann Metcalf

In Honor of Harley

In honor of Harley — Jim and Mickey Fitzpatrick

In Memory of Susie

In memory of Susie — Lynne Fech

In Memory of “Betty”

In memory of “Betty”, the dog — Betty O’Donnell

In Memory of Brent Davis

In memory of Brent Davis — Rebecca Byron

In Honor of Larry Roberts

In honor of Larry Roberts who loves Labs — Jan Cross

In Memory of “Farley”

In memory of Farley — Patricia and Walter Jackson

In Honor of “Ariel”

A donation for Doug Mayotte in honor of “Ariel” who was such a comfort when his wife passed away.

Merry Christmas, Dana and Mike!

This is a donation as a gift in honor of Dana Fletcher and Mike Connolly, “Merry Christmas!” Love Bill and Doris Fletcher

In Honor of Molly Corvo

In honor of Molly Corvo, the most amazing dog parent one could ever ask for. — Kevin Kay

In Memory of “Dusty”

In Loving Memory of “Dusty”. — Judy Hall

In Memory of Kara Campbell

In memory of Kara Campbell. — Connie Campbell

In Honor of “Anya”

A donation made to Jay and Ricky Hellerich at Smiling Dog Farms in honor of “Anya.”

In Memory of “Araceli”

In Memory of our beloved Araceli. — Lynne and Norm Hall

In Honor of Crystal and Doug

In Honor of Crystal and Doug Ninas and their loving care of animals. — Dorothy Bauske

In Honor of “Nugget”, “Shiner”, and “Frida”

In honor of Nugget, Shiner, and Frida – our wonderful family labs. With warm wishes for the holiday season.  — Alexis Weightman

Merry Christmas, Sandy and Jim!

Merry Christmas Jim and Sandy Simpson from Bill and Sara Dutcher.

In Honor of Juergen and Colette

In Honor of Juergen and Colette Lavery: Love, our Sadie

In Honor of “Nika”

In honor of Nika so others can find a loving home just like she did. — Denise Linn

In Honor of Nellie

In Honor of Nellie. — Alan and Florence Doksansky

In Celebration of Les Brown

In Honor of Les Brown’s birthday. — Patty Forsyth

In Memory of Willie

In loving memory of Willie. — Laura Ballard

In Celebration of “Scout”

Celebrating the New Year and another year to spend with my dog, Scout who I adopted from SHLR.  Thank you! — Josanne Swain

In Memory of Chrissa

In memory of beautiful Chrissa. — Michelle Campbell