Our Generous Donors

We are constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors! Read about some of our recent donations:

In Memory of “Hailey”

Please accept the donation in memory of our sweet girl Hailey. She just crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was originally going to be our foster, but we knew in less than 24 hours that she had already found her forever home. We love and miss her very much. Attached is a picture of the three us together. Love, Debbie and Colleen

In Memory of the Bumert’s Family Lab

In memory of the Bumert’s family Lab and best friend. ~ Kristin With

In Memory of Bill Congdon

~ In memory of Bill Congdon. ~ Applied Research Associates
~ In loving memory of William Congdon from the Moyers family
~ In memory of William Congdon from Nathan Chun

In Loving Memory of Lori Bockman

~ In loving memory of Lori Bockman, trusted friend and colleague. Our deepest sympathies. – Erin and Marshall Edelman
~ For the greater good and wagging tails, this donation is on behalf of Lori Bockman. – Cindy Rupp
~ On behalf of the family and co-workers of Lori Bockman. We are deeply sorry for your loss. -Your Granite family at Regency Plaza.
~ In memory of Lori Bochman who loved your organization. – Mary Ryan
~ In loving memory of Lori Bockman and her extraordinary life. – Jennifer Byrne
~ In loving memory of Lori Bockman. – James and Judith Mello
~ In loving memory of Lori Bockman. – Catherine Hetterman
~ In memory of Lori Bockman. – Bill Ojile

In Memory of “Mocha”

In memory of our “Mocha” (FKA McMuffin) who we had to say goodbye to Friday.  ~ Michelle Schiffbauer

In Memory of “Bo” Wolter

We’d like to share with you our tribute to Bo:
Good boy, Bo.
You fetched all the sticks.
Scared all the fish.
Ate all the treats.
Stole all the covers.
And filled every inch of our hearts.
Rest now, sweet boy.
We love you more than words can say.
Thank you for choosing us as your humans.
Bo Wolter – August 11, 2007 – November 30, 2020

In Celebration of Eric and Charli Bloomer

In Celebration of Lab lovers and rescuers, Eric and Charli Bloomer! ~ Terri Bryant

In Memory of “Happy”

We lost our sweet girl Happy (formerly Hannah) in July this year. She was the perfect match for us and will be in our hearts forever.

God Bless SHLR, Kelly and Mike Saunders

In Memory of “Vance” and “Bailey”

In memory of “Vance” and “Bailey”, our two Labs who have crossed the rainbow bridge.~ Kathy

In Memory of “Moose” and In Honor of “Stella”

In memory of the gentle giant, Moose, and in honor of our beautiful girl Stella, a mini-Moose in every way. XO, Michael and Tammy

Merry Christmas, Kevin

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Kevin! ~ Vivian Reed

In Honor of “Mavis” and “Mocha”

In Honor of Diane and Jon Turner’s Labs, Mavis and Mocha! ~ Barbara Crook

In Honor of “Sophie”

In honor of Sophie our 11 year old Lab who we adopted from you six years ago! Although she is deaf and dealing with some health issues, she is still a happy, loving member of our family. ~ Judith Boyle

In Honor of Ryan and Krystal

In honor of Ryan and Krystal Chesnutt, who love all dogs! ~ Nancy Chesnutt

Merry Christmas, Aunt K!

Merry Christmas Aunt K.! I am so proud that you’re helping local Labs! ~ Benjamin Gray

In Honor of Cathy Greer

Cathy H. Greer for painting a beautiful picture of our Miss Daisy! ~ Timothy Greer

In Memory of Adam Linnenburger

In memory of Adam Linnenburger…
~ Mary Beth Karr and Joe Albar
~ Marjorie Springer
~ Mary Linnenburger
~ Jane Linnenburger

In Memory of “Cherokee”

In loving memory of “Cherokee” ~ Jeannie and Skip

In Memory of “Paisley”

In memory of Kari Bastyr’s sweet Lab, “Paisley”
~ Colette Haas
~ Katy Loughney
~ Rena Dulberg
~ Polly Kruse

In Loving Memory of Jeff Jenks

In Loving Memory of Jeff Jenks, a loyal Lab lover…

~Evan Sander
~Olivia Poppens
~Bill Reynolds, Betsy LaFlame, and Kili
~Jeff Ward
~Patrick Johnson
~Jay and Karen Hancock
~Brooks Fisher
~James Fredrick
~CHAPA Class of 2021
~Steve, Lisa, Sarah, Pearson and Cat Jenks
~Gerard Kelly
~The Wolfe Family
~Marianne and Hank Hubbard
~Anne and Christopher Noyes
~Shirley Hancock
~Susan and Robert Morrison
~Sandra and Jim Findley
~Jessica Bass
~Chris and Alex Scott
~William Daniel
~Kirtland Gardner
~Gay Taylor
~Susan Jamieson
~Patricia Smitson
~Nancy Galleher
~Toni Murphey
~Liz and Skip Coggin
~Lou McLove and Beverly Wolcott
~Lisa Silverman
~Beverly Westbrook

In Memory of “Petey” and “Chino”

In memory of “Petey” and “Chino”. ~ Steve and Karen Seymour

In Memory of “Mulligan”


In memory of Mulligan. We miss you so much Mully, you were such a great dog. We know you and Bogey are together again. We will see you again someday.

In Memory of “Nugget”

In memory of Nugget, a companion loyal and true to Victoria Emery.

~ Deb Deverell

In Memory of “Nugget”

In memory of my beloved, Nugget. Nugs was found on a rural road in Texas. He had several parasites as well as heartworm. He came to me the day he was released from treatment. Together we shared 13 happy, happy years. He was 15 when he died. ~Victoria Emery

In Memory of “Ranger”

In loving memory of Ranger, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday (12/22/2020) to be with his little brother, Scout. Rescued from the mean streets of LA into a loving family with Alan, Ashley, and Ellie- Ranger was a gentle giant who loved everyone he met, everywhere he went (which was a LOT of places!). We’ll miss you buddy. Love, Aunt Sarah and Uncle Steven

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