Our Generous Donors

Our Generous Donors

We are constantly overwhelmed by the generosity of our donors! Read about some of our recent donations:

In Honor of Crystal and Doug

In Honor of Crystal and Doug Ninas and their loving care of animals. — Dorothy Bauske

In Honor of “Nugget”, “Shiner”, and “Frida”

In honor of Nugget, Shiner, and Frida – our wonderful family labs. With warm wishes for the holiday season.  — Alexis Weightman

Merry Christmas, Sandy and Jim!

Merry Christmas Jim and Sandy Simpson from Bill and Sara Dutcher.

In Honor of Juergen and Colette

In Honor of Juergen and Colette Lavery: Love, our Sadie

In Honor of “Nika”

In honor of Nika so others can find a loving home just like she did. — Denise Linn

In Honor of Nellie

In Honor of Nellie. — Alan and Florence Doksansky

In Celebration of Les Brown

In Honor of Les Brown’s birthday. — Patty Forsyth

In Memory of Willie

In loving memory of Willie. — Laura Ballard

In Celebration of “Scout”

Celebrating the New Year and another year to spend with my dog, Scout who I adopted from SHLR.  Thank you! — Josanne Swain

In Memory of Chrissa

In memory of beautiful Chrissa. — Michelle Campbell

In Celebration of Janis Hoskinson

In Celebration of Janis Hoskinson on her milestone birthday!  Love you, Janis! — Betsy & Rob

In Honor of Pam Leamon

In honor of Pam Leamon’s Birthday–mother to SHLR Lab, Duncan. ~ Jennifer Mitchell

In Honor of Mitch Martin

In honor of Mitch Martin, the SHLR Trainer who lovingly fostered Louie, our beautiful, happy puppy. — Brent Milne and Krista Marks

In Memory of “Sophie”

In memory of my “Sophie”.  She was a yellow Labrador who died of cancer way too young. — Karen Field


In Memory of “Mia”

This donation is made in memory of Mia, a wonderful black lab, who suddenly passed away. She was owned and loved by my good friend, Chris Stribley.– Beth Singleton-Howland

In Memory of Flores

In memory of Flores ~ The Gererd Meacham Charitable Fund

In Memory of “Yardley”

In Memory of Yardley, faithful and joyous member of the Care Family. — Christopher Daly

In Memory of “Auggie Doggie”

In Memory of Auggie Doggie–such a good boy!  A SHLR Lab from July 2012.  RIP 2/16/18.  — Christian Husted

In Memory of Dr. Lewis

In Memory of Dr. Lawrence E. Lewis, Sr.  — Cheryl Varady


In Honor of “Mickey” and “Katie”

In honor of Jake and Julie Arthur’s dogs, “Mickey” and “Katie”. — Laura Ellison

In Memory of “Jolie”

In memory of Jolie who was much loved by Emily. — Kate Kalstein

In Memory of “Bart”, “Robie”, and “Stymie”

In memory of Bart, Robie, and Stymie, three of the best Labs and Lab mixes ever, and my husband Dennis who insisted when we were married (30 years ago) that we had to have a dog in our life. – Jane Brodziak

In Honor of Barbara

In celebration of my sister Barbara’s birthday and in loving memory of her dog, Snoopy.  — Leslie Brown

In Memory of “Mattie”

In loving memory of Mattie who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on August 8. She leaves a big hole in our hearts because we loved her so much.

In Memory of “Bailey”

In loving memory of our sweet boy, Bailey.
In October 2002 we adopted our sweet Bailey form Safe Harbor Lab Rescue.  We were so excited the day we bought him home. We think he was about a year old. On June 29, 2018 we said good-bye to our sweet companion of 15 years and 8 months – but who is counting. We miss him immensely. We are grateful for his companionship and being part of our family.  Thank you for all you do for the Labs. We could not  imagine our lives without one.
~Susan Hickman and Mike Bailey